Urban Revolution

urban skyhubs


Situation & Challenge

Urban air mobility? is that possible here?

It seems to be only a matter of time now that Urban Air Mobility will establish itself as an additional transport service in the city. What impact will this have on urban development and how can you use this new form of mobility for yourself?

Solution approach

Developing new nodes, networks and markets together!

With expertise in the Urban Air Mobility and Autonomous Air Taxi markets, we focus on the associated structural infrastructure to make flying possible. The correct positioning and development of intermodal hubs is one of the most important key components here. This is where it is decided whether the full potential can also become reality.

Added values & results


Efficiency for your city or region

Gain certainty as to whether this type of mobility is relevant to you at all and what benefits you can derive from it.


Identify implementation potentials

Discover where there are suitable nodes in your city and what potentials lie dormant there.


Future security for strategic decisions

Enable yourself to look into the near future to make strategic decisions.

Our 5 solution steps

You decide individually how many steps you want to take together with us. Whether an initial potential assessment is enough for you, or you want to optimize your portfolio to the point of holistic planning and consulting and respond to the identified challenges. The individual steps build on each other, but offer you an overview of results and clear added value after each module is completed.






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