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Discover your future Worklife Concept together with your employees.

The worlds of work and life are merging more and more and are constantly changing. The familiar definitions of work are no longer very effective and individual solutions need to be developed and learned. For the company, this means increasingly approaching employees and redefining their work tasks and environment.

The permanent learning of new solutions will become a new constant in the working world of tomorrow. Existing working environments, organizational structures and corporate cultures must be questioned and redefined.

We assume that a coherent and tangible corporate culture will be the key enabler. Cultural coherence is our benchmark. Companies that can offer their employees a coherent living environment, an adapted organization and considerate values are future-proof. With an approach focused on employees and their work tasks, we clarify how your future corporate culture and organizational structure can be coherent with spatial working, living and learning environments.

We have made it our mission to turn companies into social groups as well as places worth living in, so that sustainable, economic and social growth is possible.

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Culture coherence is our yardstick. Because only companies that can offer their employees a coherent living environment, organisation and values are future-proof. With an approach focused on employees and culture, we clarify what your future corporate culture and organisational structure can look like coherently with spatial working-living and learning environments.


First steps for companies towards a new working world

Many companies are faced with the following questions:


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Our team is experienced in applying the most innovative tools and methods of physical and digital space. We always deliver tailor-made solution concepts and results for our clients.



BMW Group

FIZ New Working Worlds

Integrate users in creating, testing and trying out new ways of working and working environments in New Working.

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VDI Knowledge Forum

Knowledge Forum 4.0 New Working Worlds

New work with user-oriented solution approaches and concept development to increase efficiency with employee satisfaction.

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BMW Group

New working worlds BMW Motorrad

New Work as a multiplier for satisfaction, process optimization and identity development with self-realization.

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How do I develop, plan and create future hybrid living and working spaces?

Inspiration & Innovation

How do I develop, plan and create the optimal environment for laboratories, test facilities and workshops in the future?

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