Future challenges can no longer be met with classic sectors, job profiles or specialists, but must be radically rethought in terms of composition. We are pleased to have become acquainted with a wide range of markets, users, construction tasks, project phases and scale levels in over 15 years. We have a wealth of experience that we make available to our clients in order to actively reshape the future.


Automotive & Suppliers

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Pharmaceutical Research & Production

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Mobility & Infrastructure

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Public sector, authorities & municipalities

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SERVICE PROvIDERS, media, IT & insurance

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Room & building types

Innovation labs & maker spaces

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Chemical & Physical Laboratories

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Office, Office & Digital Workspace

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test rigs & test environments

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Analysis & Research Laboratories Bio, Physics & Chemistry

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Mechanical workshops & Light industrial

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Scale levels

We feel at home on different scales and can switch seamlessly between the dimensions of urban development, architecture, interiors and consumer goods. We know the respective laws and thus ensure the consistency of innovative solution ideas from large to small.


Human beings are territorial creatures who establish close relationships with their spatial environment. The correct design of working and living environments is therefore a socially and entrepreneurially relevant task.


Buildings are more than just weather protection; they are places of interaction and identity creation. Especially in the advancing digital age, the physical place will play a new role and become an important tool for companies.


Company areas are increasingly becoming complex living environments, even real quarters, which require a specific identity and quality of stay.


In the future, cities will play a major role in the development of the economy and society and will have to be rethought in many respects.

Project experience

As an innovation consultancy, we start very early in order to ask the important questions of tomorrow today. Because we know that only those projects that have formulated your requirements for users, spaces and processes far-reachingly and precisely enough will also be successful and cost-efficient in the long term. We have already implemented over 7.5 billion euros of managed project volume in more than 300 projects.

Market & Trends

Megatrends describe the discernible direction of significant developments.

300 mio
. implemented

drivers & answers

What will drive us in the future? What answers do we have and what are the others doing?

800 mio . implemented

Goals & Strategies

How do we want to align ourselves in the future? Sharpening of goals, strategies and tasks.

1.3 bn implemented


What will you actually need in the future? Does it all fit together properly?

2.5 billion implemented

Planning, construction & commissioning

What is already being planned? How do we manage to live innovations?

.2 billion implemented

Operation & Use

Can my property be used profitably for the next 10, 20, 30 years?

400 mio . implemented

Our customers

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