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Recognise the future interfaces of physical and digital space

The digitalization and technologization of our world is progressing faster than ever. While the real and digital worlds are still separate today, the constant progress of technology will increasingly lead to a merging of these two worlds. The digital world is encroaching on physical space and overlapping it.

This means that spaces and areas will have to function in a hybrid and integrative way in the future. Existing and, above all, future space concepts must be thought through further and new technologies increasingly integrated into the planning process.

Our Hybrid World field of competence deals with the interface of these two worlds and the resulting change in spatial environments. What will future spatial products have to bring to meet these new standards and how can this be translated into a new hybrid real-digital experience in space?

Our mission is to bring together and combine the best of the physical and digital worlds intelligently and effectively.

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With a user-, space- and technology-focused approach, we clarify what the future parameters for spaces and living spaces will be and what they will look like. Together we link your space with the appropriate technologies to generate the hybrid space that is optimally tailored to you.


First steps for companies on the way to augmented reality

Many companies are faced with the following questions:


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Our team is experienced in applying the most innovative tools and methods of physical and digital space. We always deliver tailor-made solution concepts and results for our clients.



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How do I develop, plan and create future hybrid living and working spaces?

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How do I develop, plan and create the optimal environment for laboratories, test facilities and workshops in the future?

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