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Situation & Challenge

WHAT is the best fit WHERE? Can it be so hard?

You are constantly faced with the challenge of deciding which users should be optimally located in which building or site. The task is not only complicated, tedious and expensive, but also inaccurate.

Solution approach

Digital tools bring users and buildings together in a perfect fit.

We bring with us methods and tools that make it possible to examine, evaluate and optimise a wide variety of uses and functions in terms of their best possible accommodation in different buildings or entire sites.

Added values & results


Overall data model of building and use

Generate a digital model that combines building and usage data in a simple way (paper plan is sufficient).


Individually adaptable assessment model

Extend the evaluation criteria by your individual criteria and requirements in the modular system


Flexible scenario and decision management

Compare different variants and combinations quickly and objectively with each other

Our 5 solution steps

You decide individually how many steps you want to take together with us. Whether an initial potential assessment is enough for you, or you want to optimize your portfolio to the point of holistic planning and consulting and respond to the identified challenges. The individual steps build on each other, but offer you an overview of results and clear added value after each module is completed.






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