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performance check


Situation & Challenge

How well perfomrmt then actually the site really?

You are always faced with the question of which location, which building or which area is best suited for your intended use. You make the following considerations: in terms of area, it should work, the building typology also fits. The next steps are based on your gut feeling and your experience. But what do you do when things get really complicated?

Solution approach

Digitally scalable usage analyses enable objective comparisons

We provide methods and tools that enable you to objectively examine, evaluate and optimise the usage performance of a wide variety of buildings or entire locations. We translate usage qualities into data and compare digital models with each other. In doing so, we break new ground in dealing with the "mind-belly problem".

Added values & results


Digitally and automatically created and ready for use

Easily create your own digital test setup.


Square meters and usage performance

Design your individual performance parameters or use our standards to get started.


Objective, comparable and reproducible

Compare your own experience with the digital results and let's learn together.

Our 5 solution steps

You decide individually how many steps you want to take together with us. Whether an initial potential assessment is enough for you, or you want to optimize your portfolio to the point of holistic planning and consulting and respond to the identified challenges. The individual steps build on each other, but offer you an overview of results and clear added value after each module is completed.






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