Tech Area

NEXTLab Transformation


Situation & Challenge

Complex node

Staff shortages, increases in energy costs and new competition are creating cost pressure. At the same time, technical and digital changes need to be implemented. This creates a very complex knot that needs to be untied.

Solution approach

Holistic steps

Laboratories are complex systems that can only be optimized as a whole. We proceed in small holistic steps. This allows us to carry out the necessary transformations of the existing system during ongoing operations.

Added values & results


Reduce costs

Energy, space and personnel costs are significantly reduced through more effective room layouts, equipment and technical installations. We pay particular attention to the energy costs caused by air, heat, cold and light across the board. With a structured consolidation of functions and space in sample processing, equipment installation and office/evaluation areas, we enable space and energy savings, recoveries or conversions.


Increase in output

Throughput, speed and innovative strength are noticeably increased by spatially better interlocking process chains. In addition to optimizing the overall process, it is the spatial interfaces between samples, devices, data and people on which we place particular design focus. This is where the greatest leverage for more output can be achieved. The optimization of the individual functional areas is of course part of this.



Competitive advantage, customer and employee satisfaction as well as high economic strength are permanently secured through optimized tailoring of technology, space and process. The focus is on the areas of "sample-device-data" and "people-knowledge-culture", which are brought to their new future level with the 3pc method (People, Places, Process & Culture).

Our 5 solution steps

You decide individually how many steps you want to take together with us. Whether an initial potential assessment is enough for you, or you want to optimize your portfolio to the point of holistic planning and consulting and respond to the identified challenges. The individual steps build on each other, but offer you an overview of results and clear added value after each module is completed.



With the "Energy Saver", we can quickly identify whether there is hidden energy-saving potential in your laboratory environment that can significantly reduce costs. Procedure: Structured web query on the laboratory context. Remote building analysis via expert system. Short interview with the user. The result is an expert assessment of whether and how much savings potential is available.


Goal & strategy - compact clarification of start, goal and path

With the "BRIEFING DAY" and "MAP YOUR FUTURE" formats, we work together with you on site to develop your future target image and the right way to achieve it. Approach: Competitive & benchmark situation. Rough analysis of the current situation. Joint development of your target and roadmap. As a result, you know what the goal and path of your future development must be.


Consulting - These changes bring sustainable success

We use tried-and-tested tools to optimize and transform your processes, organization and room configurations to a new economic level. Approach: Clarification of the core areas. Process optimization Implementation Transformations As a result, you know what changes need to be made to people, process, place and culture in the company.


Concept Design - What your future laboratory could look like

With the ConceptDesign, we check the spatial and technical implementation options in your existing building. Clarify variants, costs and decision options Procedure: Analysis of existing building & technology. Development of room concept. Clarification of costs and decision options. As a result, you will know how your future laboratory would look, perform and cost.


Realization - implementation from a single source

With our professional partners, we successfully implement the structural and technical planning and realization of your future laboratory from a single source. Procedure:. Planning, tendering, awarding and realization of buildings, technical building equipment and laboratory planning. As a result, you will have a laboratory of the future with which you and your employees can work successfully.

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